Driving comfort and absolute traction

The first and only functional radial forestry tire in the market for professional use. Nokian Forest Rider wins users over with its unique properties.

  • Large contact patch providing excellent traction.
  • Low ground pressure reducing stress to the terrain.
  • Radial construction giving driving comfort and minimising tire vibrations considerably.
  • Puncture protection from steel belt and patented sidewall protectors.
  • Sturdy sidewall construction giving superb operational stability.
  • Low rolling resistance reducing fuel consumption.
  • Works better with tracks compared with conventional diagonal forestry tires.
  • The tire carcass is stabilized by an inextensible circumferential belt (SB = steel belt).
  • Sidewall puncture protector.
  • The ply cords are laid substantially at 90° to the centerline of the tread.