Alliance Super Trac 311 is a premium all-purpose tire for Mining, Industrial & Port applications. The 311 is highly versatile and modern design. Ideal for Backhoe loaders, Rigid Dump trucks (25ton), port and other mining applications. Robust nylon casing & reinforced high strength bead provides excellent stability. Special tread compound for extra-long life even on abrasive surfaces. High ground contact area for good traction on paved surfaces. Continuous lug pattern help to mitigate the chances of lug chunking and tire damage. High turn-up around bead results in less flexing in the bead area, which protects the bead and minimize the chances of bead failure. Higher ground contact area ensures low ground pressure. This results in more life and uniform wear. The Super Trac 311 has high lateral stability, enabling it to carry a heavy load on concrete /hard surfaces. Extra thick sidewall limits flexing during operation, thus lesser heat is generated. This reduces the probability of sidewall damage and results in a longer service life of the tire.